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Responsible Fashion Series

© Marta Twarowska, MA 2017 Antwerp Fashion Department, Photo: Jan & Jorre

Responsible Fashion Series: Can Fashion Save the World?

Date 20 October, 2021
Time 00:00
Location Antwerp, Belgium

The Responsible Fashion Series emerged from the Fashion Colloquia events that ran from 2012 to 2019. This new series reflects the need for fashion to take on a new mature and responsible approach for supporting the future of fashion

"Can Fashion Save The World?"

The question of whether fashion can save the world originates from the tagline of Antwerp in 1993: Can arts save the world? With this question, they wanted to reflect and create a discussion about the societal role of Arts and Culture. Does the current crisis we live in, also needs something similar? Can we use innovative approaches through the arts as a utopic remedy? Can fashion save the world?

We need to change, think differently, be creative in new ways of collaboration and implement technology. What do we need to break down before we can re-build? If you like to think along with the themes of transition, disruption, the role of creativity, heritage and craftsmanship, technology, gender fluidity, intergenerational issues, inter-relational creativity, circular economy and ecosystems, join the conference in Antwerp. Share your views and offer new insights through fashion to create mutual understandings and questions. 

Call for Contributions

Anyone who is interested in fashion and its change is welcome to contribute to the Responsible Fashion Series. You can hand in an abstract relating to the theme and subthemes of the conference. The contribution can take any form from visuals to case studies, more information on the requirements of the call for contributions can be found here. The deadline for sending in your contribution is 28 February 2021 and the selected proposals will be notified by 30 April 2021. 

More information about the conference and the call for contributions can be found here

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DATE PUBLISHED November 20, 2020