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Call for Papers: IFFTI Conference 2021

IFFTI Conference 2021: "Fashioning Resurgence: Our Time is Now"

Date 23 October, 2021
Time 00:00
Location Pearl Academy

The theme of the International of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI) is “Fashioning Resurgence: Our Time is Now”. This conference will talk about the speculative, iterative and transformative ideas along with the development in the field of design, education and the fashion industry. Fashion's value chain has showed that the relationship between the body and apparel is far from being durable. In the current global situation, we are challenged by three kinds of temporalities: The Emergent, The Urgent and The Incumbent. They all call our attention and demand action and therefore are the sub-themes of the conference. 

This is a conference where academicians, policymakers, designers, artists, artisans, students, industry representatives and other leaders gather for insightful conversations and discussions and make actionable plans for the future of the global fashion industry and affiliated disciplines.

The sub-themes: 

The Emergent - this theme delves into the counter-voice and viewpoints of the fashion system and beyond.

The Urgent - this theme explores the relation of fashion and nature, the habit and habitat and its impact that surfaces with assembled perspectives and actions.

The Incumbent - this theme discusses the recent progressive experiments that have reimagined the makers space. 

Call for Abstracts and Full Papers

Abstracts are invited from faculty and students of both member institute and non-member institute on the theme of the conference. The abstract be submitted by January 28th, 2021 using

Proposal for Non-Paper Submission - Mapping Change: The Emergent, The Urgent and The Incumbent

This is a call for the conceptual and documentary work which is a representation of the theme of IFFTI 2021. The sub-themes above are intended as starting points or provocations. Authors are asked to indicate what sub-theme addressed through their submissions.

For an overview of what the deadlines are for the paper and non-paper submissions, you can view this document here. 

For more information about the conference, you can visit their website:

  • Alternative Systems
  • New Materialism

DATE PUBLISHED December 4, 2020