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Dutch Design Week 2019

Dutch Design Week

Date 19 October, 2019
Time 11:00
Location Eindhoven

The theme of Dutch Design Week 2019 is “If Not NOW, Then WHEN?”, showcasing the paradox of our times: searching for new materials and alternative systems but simultaneously questioning these developments. 

This year, the Centre of Expertise Futuremakers will exhibit a sensory experience which lets the visitor interact with new sustainable materials in order for them to tangibly engage with future scenarios. The urgency of this exhibition is to let the visitor experience this new narrative, becoming a convincing participant in the transition to a more sustainable and circular society. With this sensory experience, the Futuremakers want to show the complexity of this transition and offer a space to the visitor to envision what kind of role they can play in this. 

You can visit this physical experience at the Embassy of Sustainable Design during the Dutch Design Week from the 19th – 27th of October.  

You can find more information about the exhibition on the website of the Futuremakers




DATE PUBLISHED September 12, 2019