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DRIVE: Going Circular, Going Cellulose

About co-creation in a circular textile value chain

Date 24 October, 2019
Time 10:00
Location Drive Festival, Eindhoven

Sustainability and circular economy are important themes in the textile and clothing industry. In a previous project Going Eco Going Dutch the advantages of multi-stakeholder collaboration within the supply chain became clear, and in this project Going Circular, Going Cellulose we further explore the characteristics of the co-creation process. Scientists and designers (inter)actively work together in the development and application of sustainable cellulose based yarns and fabrics. The technical design strengthens the aesthetic design and vice versa. The research focuses on the knowledge exchange that the stakeholders demonstrate in order to actually realize this synergy and how to optimize that.

The presentation will be held at the DRIVE festival during the Dutch Design Week 2019. The speaker is Lucie Huiskens, co-founder and program-coordinator NL_NextFashion_&_Textiles, the innovation network of the fashion sector, part of topsector Creative Industries. She also is a consultant to CoE Future Makers at ArtEZ, that aims to stimulate the development and application of new, sustainable materials, production processes and value chains in fashion and design.

For more information about Going Circular, Going Cellulose you can visit their website

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DATE PUBLISHED September 13, 2019