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What if material could talk?

On January 23rd, the MA Fashion Strategy students (generation 28) presented the results of the research they did for the project 'Going Circular, Going Cellulose'. 'Going Circular, Going Cellulose' is a project by Saxion in collaboration with the ArtEZ Centre of Expertise Future Makers. This project was integrated into the course 'Intuitive Strategies' of the MA Fashion Strategy under the creative lead of Judith ter Haar.

In their interactive presentation the MA Fashion Strategy students focused on interdisciplinary collaboration, and presented a vision about what it means to work together when you come from very different fields. Based on the molecular structure of cellulose - 44.44% carbon, 6.17% hydrogen, and 49.39% oxygen - they presented a new collaborative framework for multidisciplinary teamwork. They highlighted how researchers, producers and designers can create value-driven relationships within circular design strategies to embody and bring to life a co-creative approach.

They presented different roles to play: material translator, social activist researcher, behavioural analyst, cultural anthropologist, visual storyteller, connector, material attorney, system architect, environmental researcher, creative concept developer. Which you do you play?

Students: Andrea Chehade, Bobbine Berden, Boris Kollar, Denise Bernts, Emma Disbergen, Eva Kühn, Karlijn Krijger, Laura Lisa Fernandes Januario, Mariane Cortez Mereilles, Nicole Dekkers, Paola Parotti.

Production: Asu Aksu.

Designers involved: Michelle Baggerman, Sanne Karssenberg, Karin Vlug, buro BELÉN, Hellen van Rees, Els Bugter / Tous les Chéris, Suzanne Oude Hengel, Milou Voorwinden.

Concept developer on circular design: Zinzi de Brouwer, researcher and fashion strategist, ArtEZ Centre of Expertise and Fashion Professorship.

Project leader ‘Going Circular, Going Cellulose’: Theresia Grevinga, Saxion University of Applied Sciences.

Lead of circular design work package: Danielle Bruggeman, Fashion Professorship.

  • Alternative Systems

DATE PUBLISHED February 17, 2019