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Ricarda Bigolin

visiting fellowship at ArtEZ

D&K -Ricarda Bigolin & Chantal Kirby, Wearing out Fashion, performance of the State of Fashion, Practicing Solidarity International conference 2022, photo by Agnieszka Chabros.


We are so excited to welcome Ricarda Bigolin as a visiting fellow at ArtEZ !


Visiting fellowship; education and research

As a visiting fellow, Ricarda will teach at our MA Critical Fashion Practices, give workshops, do individual tutoring talks with students and will join the collective reviews. She’ll also give a lecture on critical fashion practice and its connection to academia, reflecting on the possibilities within fashion academia for a critical fashion practice.

In addition, she’s here to strengthen the relationship with the Fashion Professorship in terms of research. Together, we aim to strengthen the academic relationship between RMIT and ArtEZ – opening up new possibilities for shared artistic and practice-based PhD opportunities in the field of critical fashion.

We hope that this visiting fellowship will allow us to further develop our intellectual partnership with RMIT while crystallizing the infrastructures, frameworks and preconditions required to facilitate collaborative practice-based PhD-trajectories at RMIT and ArtEZ.

We are excited to learn from RMIT’s excellent creative practice-based research programmes for PhD candidates in the fields of arts and design, see: Both Hanka van der Voet and Femke de Vries will visit the Practice Research Symposium in Barcelona from December 2nd – December 5th to participate in this research community.


Lived relationship

Both the MA Critical Fashion Practices and the Fashion Professorship have an existing, lived relationship with RMIT and specifically with Ricarda Bigolin, due to their contributions to a new critical fashion discourse through practice-based research. Ricarda Bigolin has been part of the learning community of the MA programme Critical Fashion Practices for years by giving guest lectures, seminars, workshops, etc. Recently, Ricarda contributed to the ‘Ways of Caring – Practicing Solidarity’ conference (June 30th and July 1st, 2022), organized by ArtEZ in collaboration with State of Fashion.



Associate Professor Ricarda Bigolin is a practice-based researcher and educator and the Associate Dean of Fashion and Textiles Design at RMIT University. In her current role Ricarda leads the strategic direction of the discipline, drawing on diverse critical contexts to expand fashion practice. Her research explores garments, wearables, arts-based and material methods, critical tactics of wearing and performing to reveal relationships between fashion, dress, value and use. Key projects includes D&K, a collaborative and critical fashion practice investigating the performative potential of fashion across garments, performance, film, and text.



We were honoured to be able to invite Ricarda to come and visit ArtEZ in the context of our current ArtEZ-policy project ‘Building International Academic Partnerships’ (2022).



DATE PUBLISHED November 22, 2022