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Food Friction: Talking Food

By Judith ter Haar& Daniëlle Bruggeman

The ‘Food Friction’ conference is about artistic research and the interaction between food and behavior. The conference offers a carefully selected menu of lectures, interviews and debates, with creative courses and side dishes that consist of workshops, performances and edible interventions.

Food Friction is organized by the Graduate School of ArtEZ University of the Arts. It is an experimental, de-disciplined, and collaborative collective, shaped by knowledge and research that examines the forms, formats, and function of design and arts practices. We are driven by fundamental questions related to societal, economic, political, environmental or scientific challenges.

During the Art Research Conference FOOD FRICTION, Judith ter Haar and Daniëlle Bruggeman will explore: what can food tell us about the nature of self?

What colour are we? What smell are we? What taste are we? What if food could speak? In this workshop we give agency to food and explore the relationship between the nature of food and the nature of self. We focus on food as an educator – about how we treat the earth, each other and ourselves – by experiencing it with all our senses, and developing embodied knowledge in doing so.

TALKING FOOD will be a learning by doing workshop where we will create our own visual and sensorial narrative with food. We will listen through making, and understand through analyzing, reflecting, tasting and observing. Our personal narrative becomes a conversation piece.

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DATE PUBLISHED October 15, 2018