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Press & Fold - Issue #1

The new issue of Press & Fold, an independent fashion magazine that aims to explore alternative fashion forms and narratives, will cover the theme luxury. The magazine provides a platform for critical fashion practitioners who actively seek out the cracks and fissures in the current fashion system to propose new opportunities for making and doing fashion. In her article for the Luxury issue of Press & Fold, ‘Opening Up Fashion as a Practice of Commoning’, Daniëlle Bruggeman discusses the recent rise of practices of commoning in contemporary culture and society, and specifically in the field of fashion, and to what extent these goals are a luxury in today’s society. 

Press & Fold will launch issue #1 on December 7th 2019 at San Serriffe in Amsterdam. More than 20 contributors – ranging from visual artists and writers to fashion designers and researchers – present their view on the issue’s theme: luxury. It shows a plurality of perspectives, but all seem to have its root in the common understanding that change is required, not just within the fashion industry, but beyond. And as fashion can be regarded as a social practice – something we all participate in – why not start here?

You can find more information on Press & Fold and its availability here

Press & Fold | Notes on making and doing fashion is initiated by Hanka van der Voet in collaboration with Beau Bertens. The magazine is a collaborative research project that connects critical fashion practitioners from all over the world. 

  • Alternative Systems

DATE PUBLISHED December 4, 2019