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Join us in #anongoingconversation about fashion in times of the corona crisis, and post-crisis.

Daniëlle Bruggeman and Hanka van der Voet started an ongoing conversation about fashion in times of the coronacrisis (and post-crisis). We initially started this conversation with a few key contributors of the Fashion Professorship, whom we directly work with: Femke de Vries, Aurélie Van de Peer, Emma Disbergen as well as research interns Lindy Boerman and Charlotte Verdegaal from our MA Fashion Strategy. You can read the first letters at: The contributions by Aurélie Van de Peer and Charlotte Verdegaal will follow after the summer break. 

We would like to open up this conversation and invite you to contribute to our letter correspondence. We are very interested in hearing your thoughts and views on: what is the impact of the corona crisis on the fashion system? What is the relevance of fashion today? What is at stake? How could - or should - fashion play a role in re-imagining our post-crisis society? And how does this all relate to Dissolving the Ego of Fashion?

Share your letter with the hashtag: #anongoingconversation and tag us @artez_fashionprofessorship. (on Instagram)


Your letter can take any form and shape you envision.
Think about: who do you want to address with your letter? And who do you want to invite and include in the conversation as well?
You can send in your letter digitally to
Additionally, you can send in your letter by regular mail to the following address:

ArtEZ University of the Arts
Fashion Professorship
Kortestraat 27
6811 EP Arnhem
The Netherlands

Please note: By posting your letter on your own account in combination with the hashtag #anongoingconversation and @artez_fashion professorship, you give us permission to share your letter.

DATE PUBLISHED July 15, 2020