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Bio-based Materials for Futureproof Textiles

new online course developed with Wageningen University & Research

The new course 'Bio-based Materials for Futureproof Textiles' that we developed with Wageningen University & Research is online now.


Date: 6 Nov - 15 Dec 2023

Location: Online


Bio-based Materials for Future Proof Textiles 

Do you want to be part of the transition to a biobased textile industry? Are you interested to understand how biobased materials can lever a systematic change in the current linear economy? You will dive into the world of biobased materials for textile applications, from growing the needed biomass and producing the biobased materials to designing a garment following biobased design principles. Being part of the learning community will allow you to explore the benefits and challenges associated with biobased materials and the factors that influence their production, design, and use.


Outline and topics

The course is a mixture of online lectures and diverse assignments developed by 
experts from Wageningen University & Research and guest lectures from ArtEZ. The course will run for 6 weeks with self-learning activities like short knowledge clips, readings, assignments, recap questions. We also created a series of podcasts that will guide you through the world of biobased materials and their application in the textile industry. There will be ample time to discuss the issues of importance with your peers via discussion forums.


Target group

This online course is intended for professionals involved in all stages of the textile sector who are looking to learn more about biobased materials and how they could integrate them into their daily practice to create systemic change. For instance:

- Agri-food experts who are looking for the valorisation of residual flows for textiles.

- Designers and product developers working in textile and fashion companies.

- Buyers as well as sustainability managers in the textile industry. 



After following this online course you are able to: 

- Recognise the need to transition to a biobased society

- Understand the different textile value chains

- Recognise all fibre production pathways 

- Examine ways to innovate



In this course you will embark on a journey to explore the world of biobased materials for textile applications. From exploring available biobased materials and their properties, to designing a garment following sustainable design approaches. 

Module 1 | Biobased Textile Industry 

We will start by explaining the current state of the industry; exploring textile value chains, and how important it is to shift away from the linear make-use-dispose model. 

Module 2 | Biobased Design 

In this module we will explore the design considerations and potential applications of biobased materials in textiles. But to understand how we can change the design, we need to have a more detailed view of the materials. 

Module 3 | Biobased Materials 

In this module you will learn about the differences (and their opportunities) between fibres and materials, especially their properties and characteristics. 

Module 4 | Systemic Change 

Finally, we will discuss methods and tools for creating systemic change. 



Dieuwertje de Wagenaar (WUR)

Paulien Harmsen (WUR)

Siet Sijtsema (WUR)

Jeroen van den Eijnde (ArtEZ)

Daniëlle Bruggeman (ArtEZ)


Jeroen van den Eijnde and Daniëlle Bruggeman developed module 2 on 'Biobased Design'. 


Practical information 

  • € 495.- per person for the industry and € 395,- for PhD students. 

  • Max. 50 participants. 

  • Based on your attendance you will receive a certificate after the programme is finished. 



Enrollment is possible until 1 October 2023, or if the maximum number of participants is reached. Register via 



For more information, check out the website of this online course: 


  • Alternative Systems
  • New Materialism

DATE PUBLISHED August 29, 2023