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Emotionally Durable Design at Beyond Next

by Daniëlle Bruggeman, Zinzi de Brouwer & Simone Post 

The event Beyond Next, organized by Circle Economy and Amfi, brought together the next generation and current industry professionals to tackle global challenges through circular innovation.

Kate Raworth was one of the keynote speakers and presented her vision on how to meet the needs of all people within the needs of the planet. She discussed how to move from closed loops to nested loops and from segmented circularity to ecosystem circularity.

Simone Post, Zinzi de Brouwer and Danielle Bruggeman participated in the panel discussion ‘fashion beyond growth’ on Friday February 8. They presented their research and thoughts on how emotionally durable design can help to move beyond growth in fashion.

The project Emotionally Durable Design, by the ArtEZ Centre of Expertise Future Makers, aims to reframe and rethink the notion of ‘emotional durability’ in debates on sustainability in fashion discourse by exploring the emotional value of the textiles of the company Vlisco as a case study.

We explore the role of design in creating an emotional connection with fashion objects. It is about creating a deeper, more sustainable bond and long-lasting relationship between people and objects. This is based on the idea that people will take better care of and hold on longer to their clothes, instead of rapidly throwing them away, as we often do.

This project highlights the importance of taking into account a value-based approach focused on wellbeing when aiming to instigate more sustainable design strategies and consumer behavior.

Our aim is to create emotionally durable design strategies that can help fashion to move beyond its obsession with growth.

Designer Simone Post and fashion strategist Zinzi de Brouwer went to Abidjan in Ivory Coast for their research.

Emotionally Durable Design is a project by the ArtEZ Centre of Expertise Future Makers and the Fashion Professorship. For more information see:

Project partners: Simone Post (designer), Zinzi de Brouwer (ArtEZ Fashion Professorship), Lucie Huiskens (ArtEZ Centre of Expertise Future Makers), Theresia Grevinga (Saxion University of Applied Sciences), Vlisco, and Modint.

Teaser video by Thijs Adriaans.

  • Alternative Systems
  • Human Values

DATE PUBLISHED February 17, 2019