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New Professor of Fashion at ArtEZ

Together, we design the future of fashion.

ARNHEM – in Dr. Danielle Bruggeman, ArtEZ University of the Arts has found an innovative, inspiring professor who will further develop the Fashion Professorship. She is taking over José Teunissen's role at ArtEZ in developing fashion research and theory in the Netherlands. In 2014, Bruggeman successfully defended her PhD dissertation More Than Meets the Eye: Dutch Fashion, Identity and New Materialism at Radboud University Nijmegen. ArtEZ appointed Bruggeman as of 1 January of this year.

The strength of collaboration
With its strong focus on research, ArtEZ is increasingly becoming the home port for enterprising researchers in the arts and in design. A case in point is Dr Bruggeman, whose mission is to build a research community out of the Fashion Professorship, to collectively research the major challenges for the future of fashion. "I strongly believe in the importance of interdisciplinarity and I am looking forward to developing new insights, together with various experts. I will continuously encourage the active engagement of external partners, researchers, designers, students, experts, policy-makers, PhD students and alumni who share that passion and expertise with regard to the central themes of the future fashion system".
Bruggeman's PhD research was also part of a large-scale interdisciplinary research project on fashion in the Netherlands, ‘Dutch Fashion Identity in a Globalised World’; a four-year study by the Radboud University, ArtEZ, the Saxion University of Applied Sciences and the University of Amsterdam.

The Future of Fashion
ArtEZ and Bruggeman feel the professorship can make a positive contribution to developing visions for the future of the fashion system in relation to the changing social, economic and technological developments. "We need to thoroughly rethink the value and meaning of fashion," says Bruggeman, "Important themes today are sustainability, the rise of slow fashion, new technologies and new materials and processes of making. An institute such as ArtEZ, which, for decades already, has been playing a pioneering role in the field of fashion design and theory, offers the perfect context to research these themes".

Extensive Educational Experience
Danielle Bruggeman was a visiting researcher and guest lecturer at London College of Fashion and at the MA Fashion Studies at Parsons - The New School for Design, in New York City. She has taught at Radboud University and Fontys Academy for Creative Industries in Tilburg and is affiliated with the Dutch Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. She regularly publishes academic articles and frequently participates in international fashion conferences.

About the ArtEZ Fashion Professorship
The Fashion Professorship views fashion as one of the most important cultural phenomena in contemporary society. Since 2012, the professorship has been leading CLICKNL's research agenda for fashion and textiles, in which a strong network of researchers, educational institutes and companies has been created. In 2015, together with Dr. Jeroen van den Eijnde's E| |scape Professorship, the Centre of Expertise Future Makers was initiated, which focuses on the development and application of new materials and manufacturing processes in fashion and design. In the meantime, this organisation has more than a million euros' worth of research projects in its portfolio.

  • Alternative Systems
  • Human Values
  • New Materialism

DATE PUBLISHED January 1, 2017