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ArtEZ Future Makers @ Dutch Design Week: material intimacy

Last week, the project 'Going Circular, Going Cellulose' (2018-2020) by Saxion in collaboration with ArtEZ Future Makers, was presented at the virtual Dutch Design Week of 2020.

This project explored an integrated, interactive and design-driven process of co-creation for a circular supply chain. It did so from a design-driven perspective on textile development. The aim was to develop more knowledge about circular design principles and multi-stakeholder value-creation. In addition, the project explored the changing role of the designer in relation to material development. More and more designers work from the possibilities of the material, and design from the material and its materiality - instead of just making a beautiful end product. This leads to a new kind of material intimacy between designer and the object.

The designers within the project have been exploring this in different ways. In our digital showroom, we present the work of: Hellen van Rees, Michelle Baggerman, Buro Belén and Unseam by Bas Froon & Karin Vlug. Experience the digital showroom of Going Circular, Going Cellulose as a part of the ArtEZ exhibition: ‘The New Intimacy: Bodies, Objects and Spaces’.

  • New Materialism
  • Human Values

DATE PUBLISHED October 29, 2020