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A Designer's Material-Aesthetics Reflections on Fashion and Technology

From this October, the dissertation of Pauline van Dongen: A Designer’s Material-Aesthetics on Fashion and Technology is available on ArtEZ press. It is a result of her completed PhD in the Crafting Wearables research project. This project aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice within design, industry and production. Where it analyses how technology in fashion relates to identity, understanding the social impact and how it integrates in the creative branch of The Netherlands. Crafting wearables is a cooperation of Radboud University Nijmegen, University of Technology Eindhoven and ArtEZ Fashion Professorship.

In the book, Pauline van Dongen questions the opportunities for the integration of digital technologies in clothing. How do wearable technologies transform embodied experience? And can they enable new relationships between human beings and the clothing they wear?

You can find more information and order the book through ArtEZ Press.  



  • Alternative Systems
  • New Materialism

DATE PUBLISHED October 18, 2019